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Monday, 17.02.2020in the morningat noonin the eveningat night
partly cloudycloudylight rainlight fog
conditionpartly cloudycloudylight rainlight fog
temperature2 °C7 °C7 °C5 °C
chance of rain0 %0 %25 %73 %
wind speed7 km/h6 km/h4 km/h12 km/h
wind directionSouthSouth/EastSouth/WestWest
Thusday, 18.02.2020in the morningat noonin the eveningat night
cloudystrong sleetstrong sleetstrong sleet
conditioncloudystrong sleetstrong sleetstrong sleet
temperature3 °C3 °C3 °C-1 °C
chance of rain24 %67 %71 %0 %
wind speed17 km/h22 km/h16 km/h6 km/h
wind directionWestWestWestSouth/West
Wendsday, 19.02.2020in the morningat noonin the eveningat night
moderate snowfallstrong snowfallpartly cloudylight snowfall
conditionmoderate snowfallstrong snowfallpartly cloudylight snowfall
temperature0 °C2 °C1 °C-3 °C
chance of rain0 %67 %60 %0 %
wind speed10 km/h20 km/h16 km/h5 km/h
wind directionSouth/WestSouth/WestWestWest
Thursday, 20.02.2020in the morningat noonin the eveningat night
light snowfallcloudypartly cloudypartly cloudy
conditionlight snowfallcloudypartly cloudypartly cloudy
temperature-3 °C2 °C3 °C-1 °C
chance of rain0 %0 %0 %0 %
wind speed5 km/h7 km/h7 km/h7 km/h
wind directionSouthSouthSouth/EastSouth/East
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